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  • Media: Sparrowhawk 'mealtime'

    A sparrowhawk feeding off its prey in a small garden. The moment of the kill and the subsequent mealtime was witnessed from the other side of a french window just a short distance away.
  • Media: Dartford Wobler

    Hi Dartford wobler spotted at Rainham Marshs 2016
  • Media: Glossy ibis has returned at strumpshaw fen

    The Glossy Ibis has returned to Tower Hide at Strumpshaw Fen , at around 11.30am on the 28 /09/19 , it flew in from the west circled then settled , feeding well , preening and looking glorious.
  • Media: Goose Unknown?

    Cannot seem to identify this Goose seen at Whitlingham Broad, Country Park, Norwich. Can someone please be of HELP.
  • Media: looking for some information

    i was wondering if someone could give me some info. i work just outside Glasgow and each morning i walk past what was a park which now has an industrial estate on it but there is a small space left of land with some water and for the pass week i have seen what looks like a stork! i cant get close enough...
  • Media: long tail tit

    the cotswolds
  • Media: Little song thrush without tail feathers doesn't seem to be able to fly.

    Heard lots of noise going on outside. Went out to find a young song thrush stuck down a pipe outside my front door. Managed to take it out wearing gloves gloves. I noticed it didn't have any feathers on the end of its tail. It tried to fly but ended up hopping. It's parents are monitoring it...
  • Media: Can anyone identify this chick as a Plover or a lapwing please

    Can anyone identify this chick as a Plover or a lapwing please
  • Media: Identify This Bird?

    Please would someone identify this bird. Is it a Meadow Pipit? Seen at 'The Grange CL'
  • Media: male or female

    male or female please
  • Media: unidentified bird

    Im quite new to birdwatching, so could someone please tell me what this bird is. thank you
  • Media: Cock Pheasant

    If you come in my garden your having your photo taken :)

    Hi guys, not a bad photo since it was taken through a window about 20 feet away. Lovely specimens of a Rook and Jackdaw. Nice to watch. Feed them enough and they might leave the fledglings alone.
  • Media: Buzzard

    Taken this photo this morning outside the front of the house on the road side. There is a wooded area in front. I think because of the frozen ice, the Buzzard has come into the area. There is loads of Blue Tits, We saw a Woodpecker two days ago in the same area. We have also seen Magpie's, and some...
  • Media: "Reed Warbler"

    One of my favourite birds to watch and to carve.
  • Media: "Bearded Tit"

    Another one of my carvings!
  • Media: Jay looking up

    I took this in my Garden today, How wonderful are they :)
  • Media: Waxwings in Peterhead

    There has been a flock of Waxwings visiting a garden set out with apples on a daily basis since the end of November.