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  • Media: Green Woodpecker

    My wife walked past the window, and double took.... just sat there happily, once diturbed very shy....... adult and 2 small/younger birds seen last year at the side of hedge row 200 yards from home.... no amera to hand though
  • Media: Fast food stop woodpecker

    Photograph taken at the Newport Wetlands outside the RSPB cafe/shop 10/10/10
  • Media: Great spotted woodpecker

    In the garden
  • Media: Woodpecker at the Wetlands

    Photograph taken at the Newport Wetlands outside the RSPB shop/cafe.
  • Media: "Bearded Tit"

    Another one of my carvings!
  • Media: Woodpecker feeder

    I took this at the feeders near the shop , i realise there is room for improvement but you got too start somewhere . I love the greenfinch and Great spotted woodpecker feeding made our visit worth while .
  • Media: A male Great Spotted Woodpecker

    For the past two days, a male Great Spotted Woodpecker h as been enlarging the hole on the bird box formerly used by Blue Tits. What do you recommend: do nothing and let the woodpecker take over the box or fix the hole with wood and a metal sheet? This box is in a garden in South east London. Thanks...
  • Media: Woody