February, 2014

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  • Going, going, GONE

    Our auction of designer made nestboxes has closed.

    These creations are one-off masterpieces from the UK's top fashion names. If you were one of the successful bidders, you've bagged a bargain and can relax, safe in the knowledge that you've invested in UK nature.

    We're losing our wildlife and more desperately needs to be done to buffer wildlife from the threat of climate change and protect our landscapes from harmful development. If we don't act, we lose species and our habitat becomes degraded at enormous social, economic and environmental cost. I paint an extreme picture here, but many would have us believe that there is no such thing as climate change and that losing species doesn't matter.

     Here they all are in all their glory once again: 

    • Piers Atkinson

    Inspired by Rihanna's cherry hat

    • Jasper Conran OBE

    Jasper Conran's English countryside inspired scupltural box

    • Giles Deacon

    Giles Deacon's "Naughty Box"

    • Patrick Grant 

    Sewing Bee judge Patrick Grant's nestbox

    • Katharine Hamnett CBE 

    The signed Katherine Hamnett print box

    • Wayne Hemingway MBE 

    Hemingway Design's highrise box

    • Orla Kiely OBE 

    An unmistakeable Orla Kiely print

    • Julien Macdonald OBE 

    Julien Macdonald's sequined, sparkly shock of pink

    • Zandra Rhodes CBE 

    Zandra Rhodes' typically exuberant swirls

    • John Rocha CBE 

    Mr Rocha's dark and tailored floral bird home

    • Dame Vivienne Westwood 

     Dame Vivienne's statement piece (one of the favourites)

    These nestboxes will never directly give nature a home, but the bidders have contributed more than a couple of thousands pounds to supporting UK wildlife. If you've been inspired to create your own glamourous bird hotel, you can buy one of our boxes, or make your own.

    We're hugely grateful to all the designers who gave their time and talents to support this initiative, which was made possible thanks to the mediation of the British Fasion Council.

    If you want to support UK wildlife, simply follow some of the free and low-cost actions on our help page. Alternatively, you can make a donation or support us financially.

  • Saturday swapshop

     It's Saturday! 

    In our #NestboxAuction Saturday Swapshop we'll give you a one of these brilliant and original nestboxes ... each one beautifully hand decorated by one of the UK's leading fashion designers ... in exchange for a big wad of cash.

    OK, it's not a  swapshop. It is an auction; but the bit about the world class, big-name celeb designers is true. You can't get bigger than these names - in no particular order:  Kiely, Conran, Macdonald, Rhodes, Grant, Hemingway, Deacon, Hamnet, Atkinson, Rocha and Westwood.  Their clothes are worn by stars of stage, screen and stadium as well as successful leaders from the worlds of business, industry and science.

    Here they've taken humble RSPB nestboxes and created works of art. You could do the same with one of our boxes, or make your own.

    If you lust after one of these beauties, you have until the end of Monday morning to register your bid. It being a Saturday, we set the boxes free to enjoy some freerange activity before we have to say goodbye and hand them over to their lucky new owners: 

    Six go walkabout

      The bidders favourite ruminates on the meaning of life 

      Hemingway Design's homage to 70's style wiggles its feet on a mossy stump

     Jasper Conran's boxed craftwork 

     Orla Kiely's box. Matching mugs & more from our online shop

    Zandra Rhodes on safari

    This nestbox auction is a collaboration between the RSPB and the British Fashion Council. All money raised funds projects protecting UK wildlife and making our landscapes more resilient to climate change impacts. Whether it's searing temps or torrential rain, nature can help make it all more manageable. Visit our reserves or look at our website for more information and inspiration to discover nature.

  • From catwalk to birdbox

    Time's passing and the bids for our celebrity designer created bird boxes are still coming.

    The Catwalk to Birdbox idea was sparked by the coincidental clashing of National Nestbox Week with London Fashion Week and today's featured designs are a successful marriage between the two from a trio of British Empire celebrants.

    As Vogue puts it, in a write up about his latest collection, "John Rocha CBE loves frou frou" and when you look at the wonderful nestbox he designed for us, you’ll realise just how right that analysis is.

    John Rocha's bird box could grace your home

    To use a bit more fashion industry lingo, John’s nestbox is ‘current’ – so current in fact that it mirrors some of the looks he sent down the catwalk during the last week’s London Fashion Week. Take a look at this outfit – if his nestbox was a dress, it’d definitely be this one!

    Inspiration for his nestbox?

    Another designer who brought their signature style to their nestbox creation is the so-called ‘Queen of Prints’, Orla Kiely OBE.

    Orla’s eye-catching, yellow nestbox, which features her distinctive print, will bring sunshine indoors to no matter where the lucky owner decides to display it.

    Bold prints are Orla's trademark and this box doesn't dissapoint

    Known for her unique retro prints, Orla’s designs have been used on kitchenware, homewares and even cars! In fact, the RSPB sells some of Orla Kiely-branded stuff in its shop.

    Last but certainly not least is Zandra Rhodes CBE, with a box as loud as her trademark hair and make-up.

    Zandra's bright natural shapes bring the outdoors indoors in pop-art style

    The legendary fashion designer, who’s been at the forefront of the international fashion scene since the seventies, tickles us pink with her design featuring bold prints and feminine patterns.

    Rhodes designed for Diana, Princess of Wales and Freddie Mercury, so we’re very grateful that she agreed to support our work to Give UK Nature a Home.

    You can own one or these original collectables by bidding for it here.

    Our #NestboxAuction is in partnership with the British Fashion Council and you can view and bid for all eleven celebrity designer nestboxes online or see the real things at The Shop at Somerset House until this coming Sunday.