Talbot Heath Public Inquiry begins

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Talbot Heath Public Inquiry begins

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Yesterday saw the start of the inquiry into the proposed development of land adjacent Talbot heath in Poole. Opening statements were made by all parties followed by David Tyldesley and Dr John Day presenting the case on planning and ornithological matters on behalf of RSPB and Natural England.

There has been good coverage in the media including a feature on BBC South evening news here . Bournemouth Echo reported on the opening day here.

The full programme for the inquiry can be found here and documents relating to the inquiry are available from Poole Borough Council. This is a public inquiry, so anyone is able to attend and watch the proceedings. And if you can't make it during the day, there will be an evening session between 6pm and 8:30pm on Wednesday 20 July when local residents will present their evidence. The inquiry is being held at Hamworthy Recreation Club to the north of Poole/Bournemouth.

  • Local MP Conor Burns adds his input:


  • Proceedings summarised in the Bournemouth Echo thusly:


  • I now understand that the Poole Borough Council contact listed on their website in order to obtain the relevant documentation is out of the office until 2nd August and specifically not checking her emails for the duration of the Inquiry. How very inconvenient for the general public.

  • Any more updates for us Tony? I see the Bournemouth Echo seems more concerned about the issue of traffic congestion today.

    And any sign of those documents?

  • P.S. I wasn't suggesting that the participants themselves did the live blogging! More of a comms role I would have thought.

  • Would be great if someone connected to the inquiry stuck a webcam in the corner of the room if nothing else. We don't get to see democracy in action often enough. Perhaps people would complain less about the cost of staging these events in future if they could more easily witness the results.

  • Hi Dom  Live blogging ... not sure, firstly our team are all heads down with the detail of the inquiry so wouldn't necessarily have time to live blog and secondly anyone doing this would have to be extremely careful not to prejudice the giving of evidence/cross examinations - its probably all a bit to difficult to be honest. Documentation, yes, I noticed these were not actually online. I'll have a word with our legal advisor and see if we can at least get our proofs up for viewing. cheers Tony

  • Also - are you allowed to make the relevant documents available to download from the RSPB website? The Poole Borough Council pages simply contain contact details to request them, which is a bit archaic in this day and age.

  • Excellent. Anyone thought of live blogging from the public inquiry? I'm sure there are hundreds if not thousands of people who can't attend in person but would like to know what is going on in a timely fashion. Can't really rely on mainstream media for anything other than sporadic updates and the occasional soundbite sadly.

    Haven't attended yet but plan to.

  • Links all fixed now!

  • Thanks Dom, I've asked our web team to look in to it. BTW have you been to the inquiry yet?

  • None of your links appear to be working this morning Tony.

  • BBC report: