Very mild, +10, very windy morning (gusts) but sunny. Lots of birds this morning, even if I only started at 9.25am

My question is why are we not recording weather of the day as I'm sure this affects what we might see? I know that it all balances out somehow, but if England is under ice/snow and freezing cold, we may see more birds, but if the weather is varied, it could really affect what we see? 


My results

  • 1 blackbird male and 1 blackbird female (very territorial- the male chased off another male who was technically on the fence between gardens, so I didn't
    count the second one)
  • 1 female house sparrow
  • 2 male chaffinches and 1 female
  • 1 robin
  • 1 great tit
  • 1 goldfinch
  • 5 starlings (they are so rude and make a mess, but I know they are in
    decline, so I like them anyway)
  • 1 long tailed tit
  • 1 coal tit
  • 1 dunnock
  • 1 blue tit
  • 1 male greenfinch
  • 1 woodpigeon (usually we have plenty of pigeons)
  • 2 collared doves
  • 1 song thrush - she's gorgeous!
  • 1 great spotted woodpecker
  • 1 pied wagtail - he comes every day now, several times a day, since we had snow. It's a young one, only wearing its first winter coat.