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Nature's Heroes
Welcome to the Nature's Heroes group. Shout, inspire, chat or share - we don’t mind how you do it but please help us to create a world richer in wildlife by encouraging others to take small steps for nature.
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  • Westminster Government announces consultation on new Marine Conservation Zones

    Guest blog by Gareth Cunningham, Senior Policy Officer Britain is home to over 8 million seabirds and is one of the most important countries in the world for species such as puffins, razorbills and gannets. Our rich waters provide feeding grounds for...
  • Your fantastic impact so far on the future of our countryside

    The UK Government’s consultation on the Future of Food, Farming and the Environment closed on 8 th May, having received over 44,000 responses . Almost 6,000 of those responses were your personal views : the responses you sent made up over 10% of...
  • Save the triple-protected Coul Links from becoming a golf course

    **The Consultation is still open. There is still time to make your voice heard** To the south of Loch Fleet, near Dornoch on Scotland’s north east coast, sits Coul Links. It’s a mosaic of interlinked different dune habitats, transitioning...
  • Why farming matters for nature

    As we look ahead to a future outside the EU, the nations of the UK are beginning to consider some of the biggest potential changes to agriculture since WWII, putting a system that enables farmers to grow food and restore nature within our grasp. But...
  • Have your say on single-use plastics

    With all the recent publicity on plastic pollution we thought you might be interested in having your say and sharing your views with the Government. Marine plastic pollution is an increasing visible global environmental issue in our seas. In the Spring...
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Sedge Warbler - Stockers Lake

One from a non RSPB reserve, but liked it anyway!
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Minsmere Bittern

Had tried for years to get a shot of one of these, but finally cracked it at the Island mere hide at...
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