Can you be one of our champion campaigners?


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Can you be one of our champion campaigners?

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We’ve just launched two exciting, brand new volunteer roles, where we are asking you to step up and become RSPB campaign champions to help support our local and national campaigns and give nature a much louder voice.

Campaigning is at the heart of the RSPB. It’s something we’ve been doing since 1889, when a lovely lady called Emily Williamson from Didsbury, Manchester started campaigning to ban the barbaric feather trade.

Since then we have had some outstanding campaign successes such as banning DDT, the horrendous pesticide that got into the food chain and decimated species such as the Peregrine Falcon and the Red Kite. We supported local campaigners against the building of a huge 4-runway airport at Cliffe in North Kent.

Our Letter to the Future Campaign highlighted to MPs how we have a duty to leave a legacy of wildlife and wonderful habitats for our children and our children’s children. This was the most successful RSPB campaign ever with over 350,000 people signing the pledge. Quite simply, we could not achieve any of this without the help of people like you.

Our biggest and best campaign has just begun. Stepping up for Nature is all about many people taking small steps that together will make a big difference. The ultimate aim of this campaign is to halt biodiversity loss by the year 2020, but we need your help. We are very excited to be offering the chance for you to step up with two new volunteer roles.

The first is the Campaign Champion role where you can write letters and emails to MPs, take online actions, use social media such as twitter and facebook and help spread the word about our campaigns in your local area.

The second is the Campaign Champion Activist role where you can do all of the above but also visit MPs and local decision makers to talk to them about our campaigns and the wonderful work the RSPB does.

For more information and details on how you can step up and become an RSPB Campaign Champion please go to telephone the Parliamentary Campaigns Team on 01767 680551 or email

  • Brilliant, great to hear they printed it Cat, sure it will generate signatures! Thanks to you too Norm, good to hear that people are generally supportive and happy to sign - you're all making such a difference!

  • @Cat - that's brilliant better something than nothing, fingers crossed for lots of clicks.

    @Norm - great idea, it's the little things in life :)

  • The local paper printed my marine camapign letter this week.  A bit "edited", but at least it got the message across.  Let's hope it generates lots of signatures online!

  • I'm a yoga teacher and have given pledge leaflets out to my students and friends, and dropped a few off at my local college.  People are generally happy to sign, especially when, as Cat says, they realise there's no money involved!  Even if you don't have time to become a Champion or Activist it's great that there's something quick and easy we can do to make a contribution to the cause.

  • Hi Jenny, not in this week's paper, but I've had an email from them saying they hope to include it next week.  Fingers crossed!

  • Hi Cat, just wondering how you got on with your letter in support of the marine campaign to your local paper, did they publish it! Great idea!

  • Trying to drum up more support for the marine campaign, I've sent a letter to my local paper giving details of how to sign the petition online.  Let's hope they publish it!

  • Very encouraging to see a lot of interest in this blog post. This is a very exciting time for RSPB Campaigning and Volunteering. By stepping up to become one of our Campaign Champions or Campaign Champion Activists you will be giving the RSPB a much louder voice both in your community and nationally. Thanks very much to everyone for your interest so far and watch this space for updates in the not to distant future.

  • Hi Sallie, sorry only just seen your reply to me.  I'll sort out the reply as soon as I can.

  • Brilliant, thank you Spoonbill for all your support. Yes, just to confirm that the hand-in is on the 9th November, so we have between now and then to gather 75,000 signatures. With campaign champions like you though, I'm sure we can do it!

  • Hi All. I'm a local group Campaign Champion with not much time on my hands at the moment. But I alerted our members at our AGM and the Marine name gatherer was put out on all seats beforehand. I also posted details on our local group website with a link.

    As Priscilla said, we have until November the 9th (I think), so when our new programme kicks off in September I can get more people to sign up.

  • Excellent Priscilla and Cat, really appreciate your involvement.

  • I've just recently started campaigning for the RSPB - been a member for years before realising there's lots more I could be doing to promote their excellent, and imperative work for wildlife.

    I've also been collecting signatures for the Marine Campaign - spent a few hours last weekend at Rainham Marshes where I found the more 'general' members of public were the most enthusiastic to sign up, while the real birder types seemed to need convincing... Seemed to me that these guys were just interested in enjoying the birds, without thinking too much about the fact that we need to protect them too, which seems a bit odd to me. Great that so many people were keen to sign up though.

    We can keep collecting signatures up to November, and based on my experience I'd say there's plenty more out there for us to go get!

  • Been collecting signatures for the Marine Campaign petition; got 85 spending a couple of hours at my local country parks.  Most people very supportive - especially when they realised I wasn't asking for money! - but I did notice a very negative attitude towards gulls.  In fact, one guy wanted to sign a petition to cull them!  I found it much more productive to concentrate on species with the "aah" factor, such as puffins and dolphins.

  • A big thanks to Peter Curd, one of our fantastic campaign champions, who has so far collected 60 signatures for our marine petition, and has set himself a target of 100! Well done Peter!