They say variety is the spice of life, well this (perhaps, rather unsurprisingly) also applies to a typical day with the Wildlife team of the Supporter Services department here at the Lodge (RSPB Headquarters) in Sandy, Bedfordshire. Despite our mixture of academic and knowledge based backgrounds, the Wildlife team is a small, but perfectly formed group of well-rounded folk with a passion for wildlife, a shared sense of humour and a readiness to accept a challenge.

As expert multi-taskers, we answer daily enquiries via the phone, email, letter and social media. We are also skilled at writing and contributing toward various pieces of RSPB literature, media releases and magazine articles. As the first point of contact for many people, the Wildlife team, not only help our supporters, but also one another, as well as other members of staff within the organization. On a day to day basis, dependant on the season, incoming enquiries can vary from welfare to wild birds and the law, from gardening tips to planning applications and the intricacies of RSPB policy. Mystery bird ID's occur from time to time and can always baffle and amuse even the most skilled adviser. Dealing with queries on nest boxes, feeding strategies, disease and deterrents all come with the territory too.

If you have an interest in UK wildlife, have some basic knowledge of conservation and the work of the RSPB as well as some basic computer literacy and good communication/ customer service skills, why not consider volunteering for us. You will get to work with our vibrant Supporter Services team, helping us to look after our members and inspire those who are not yet members to connect with our cause, whilst gaining experience of answering a wide range of interesting enquiries. For more information, please take at look here: