Introductions ....

We love Wales!

We love Wales!
Croeso! If you love all things Welsh and wild then this is the group for you. Here you can chat to other RSPB supporters, share your stories and tips, and post photos of wildlife and wild places.

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Introductions ....

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Let me introduce myself.

I am you. Yes you reading this!

I am that enthusiastic bird and nature lover that you are. Never more happy than when I am walking around a nature reserve with a pair of binoculars around my neck, and a bit of warming sunshine on my back, and always hoping this visit will bring something a bit different and new, but always going home satisfied that you saw something today that made you go, wow, isn’t nature wonderful!

We are blessed in Wales to have some of the finest reserves in the UK. The habitat diversity is incredible, from the salt marshes and lagoons at Newport Wetlands, to the Oak woodlands and estuaries of Ynys-Hir and the rugged glacial lake-sides of Lake Vyrnwy.

I have a confession to make. I never used to be like this. I was a television addict. Luck decided that a house with a garden backing onto some woodlands became available, both me and my wife jumped at the chance of inviting the local bird life into our lives. We have never looked back.

Through this blog I hope to share some of my enthusiasm with you, and all the wonderful experiences of the changing seasons in my garden, and the nature reserves I visit. I also hope to share with you all the incredible and varied species of bird that visit my garden, and any tips I have found in encouraging them to feed and visit safely.

The one thing I haven’t achieved since I moved here is anything successfully using a nest box. A pair of Blue Tits did check out the one nest box I put up last year, but alas a more Des Res obviously came on the market. The nest box has only ever been used for the occasional roosting Wren in the winter. I have a new Robin nest box to put up so hopefully that will double my chances.

It’s that time of year, that if you have nest boxes up that you should check them to make sure they are clean and dry. We are right on the cusp of the breeding season and there is plenty of showing off going on in my hedgerow. I already have a pair of Robins that have coupled up, the male seeing off an interloper with an impressive display of red chest waving, something I had never witnessed before. Dunnocks have been picking good branches to sing their scratchy song from; it really is all kicking off!

The RSPB website has excellent advice on where to situate a nest box, you can read that here. If you have never tried, give it a go, may be you will get lucky. If I do, I assure you, you will be reading about it here.

I also hope you will find this blog informative and fun to read, and please feel free to leave comments, all feedback is welcome.

As I said at the start, I used to be a tele addict. I now have the best soap opera there is, in full 3D, high definition and surround sound … and I get it all for free from just outside my patio windows.

  • Well done Butt, Good start to what I expect to become essential reading for all welsh members, and others of course

  • Great intro - looking forward to the next installment. Big question will there be an omnibus edition in true soap opera style.

  • Fab start bro! Best of luck with this! Inspiried me to make every effort to put two nest boxes up this weekend that are just knocking around in the shed at the moment!

  • Thanks for your comments peeps! ;o)

  • Great opening, looking forward to your updates! The only unusual visitors to my garden bird wise was when a Sparrow Hawk downed a pigeon at the bottom of the garden - the Hawk was raking the pigeon with its talons but flew off when I approached followed by the pigeon - apparently none the worse for the experience. Good luck with the blog Ant!

  • Good move from Tele-boxes to Bird boxes!

  • Now that I have a garden (allbeit covered in gravel chippings), I'm looking forward to making it more bird friendly :)

  • I know what you mean about the garden soap opera! I don't get a huge range of birds in the garden but I really appreciate and enjoy the ones that visit, the various tits, starlings and blackbirds. The apple tree is laden with feeding apparatus and I've just bought a couple more!