The UK press have picked up the international debate on Land Use Land Use Change - Forestry (LULUCF) that's long been a concern of the RSPB, now that nations have convened in Bonn as part of UN climate negotiations. See my earlier post on the issue. 

An article by John Vidal in today's Guardian explains just how many emissions some developed nations could get away with, if the so-called 'LULUCF loophole' isn't closed: developed countries' desire to hide their forestry-related emissions. Developed countries must account for the emissions from their forestry operations if their climate mitigation targets are to make any sense.

Where the Guardian coverage misleads is by publishing an image of a burning forest in Indonesia beside Vidal's text. It's not developing countries like Indonesia that are seeking to hide deforestation-related emissions from honest accounting. It's rich nations such as Canada, Russia, Australia, and here in the EU: countries such as Austria and Sweden.