Solar on a roll

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Solar on a roll

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Two-thirds of all solar PV operating worldwide has been installed since January 2011. Perhaps perceived as the Cinderella renewable, a new dawn appears to be breaking for solar’s contribution to global power.

Whilst It took almost four decades to install the first 50 gigawatts of solar generation worldwide, the second 50 gigawatts has been achieved in some 30 months. And alongside this, solar prices have tumbled 60% in the same period, since January 2011.  Furthermore, according to GTM Research the outlook is strong, with another 100 gigawatts on track to be installed by 2015 worldwide – that’s another doubling in a similar time period to the last one.

Source: GTM Research

The RSPB too is taking advantage of the solar revolution. Frampton Marsh is the latest of our nature reserve visitor centres to benefit from solar power and we now have solar panels helping to power around 20 of our sites, with more in the pipeline.

Have you thought about solar power for your home or workplace?

  • Good point, Glossy Ibis.  If it makes sense to retrofit, it must make better sense to integrate when building! There is improvement of building regs / guidelines to make buildings more climate efficient in the pipeline, but they are to be introduced over the next few years. This is disappointing because it encourages lower-standard, non-climate smart buildings to be built now, because they will be slightly cheaper in a competititive market. So we're adding to a legacy of poor-performance buildings that will be with us for many decades.

  • I wonder what the increase in cost would be if all new build houses and factories etc., in suitable positions, were required by law to install PV panels. There would definitely be a long term savings benefit.