Blogger: Becky Ingham, Face to Face Team Manager

"How is H (the cleverly named Heron) doing?", the masses ask. He is now on his way to the repainting clinic, to have a lick of new feathers, some go-faster stripes and potentially a built in stereo, ready for his annual exciting excursion to eastern Englands largest heronry in St Albans. Each year, H plays an important part in this Date with Nature, standing next to toddlers to show them how tall he is, being carried around by enthusiastic volunteers and eliciting the call of 'Oy - you lookin at my bird?' at frequent intervals.

This year H requires a lick of new gloss to keep him ship shape. As you can see, his trip started well - strapped into his 'harnser harness' and heading for some heron-aid! Bizarrely, my 8-year old daughter came running back into the house last night shouting 'Mum - there's a HERON in the car!'

 Question is, will I be able to keep two small enthusiastic heron 'first aiders' under control, or will H end up psychedelic? We'll keep you posted!