Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer

What do you do in the bath? Every evening I have a bath with my 8 month old and we soak the bathroom playing with his plastic animal toys. When I was in the bath the other day I couldn’t help going through each of the different aquatic beasties and telling stories about them and my adventures (it’s a daddy’s prerogative). Pelicans on the California coast, green turtles from Guam, spinner dolphins in New Zealand, night diving with squid in Thailand and crabbing in Walberswick (keeping it nice and local). Then it hit me, wouldn’t it be devastating if within his life time my little chief would not have the same opportunities as me to see these majestic marine marvels.


As well as a passion and drive to make a difference we need the science behind conservation so that we can make informed decisions. Luckily, there are people out there that are doing this work with the RSPB being at the forefront of bird conservation science. Here are a few examples of those people championing the different inhabitants of the seas:

Birds: RSPB, UK (you know what we do right?)

Mammals: Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, UK (experts in policy)

Crustaceans: Chesapeake Bay Program, USA (local industry and conservation partnerships)

Reptiles: WWF, International (flagship species based conservation)

Cephalopods: Cephalopod Behavioural Research, UK  (John Messenger is my old lecturer from my Uni days)

As ever though, this science and passion is sometimes not enough. We need people to support us in our fight, helping us to shout louder or donating so that more science can carried out. Do you want to be part of making sure that the memories of these animals are not left to stories around the bath tub? Find out more by signing our petition to safeguard our seas here.

Note: No crabs or dolphins were harmed in the making of this blog post.