Blogger: Kerry Davis, Lincoln Peregrines Project Manager

I am not a natural birder.  My favourite cry is “what’s that?” – I have progressed from sparrow, blackbird to smew and little egret  in the 9 months since I joined the RSPB.   

With this in mind, I owe a thank you to the Lincoln local group since they have answered my naive questions on the mating rituals, gestation and fledging of peregrines in terms I can understand.  Even my “can’t you make them behave!” when they nested on a site away from our camera was greeted with a patience response of “peregrines will do what peregrines will do...”

I owe an even bigger  thank you to Lincoln Camera Exchange for saving me from a grey moment when we discovered that our television had been damaged over the winter and they stepped in with the loan of a television for the length of the project so that you can now view a live feed of the peregrines in the tower.

The project starts today, Saturday 20 April, the peregrines are nested on the south west corner of the tower, we have scopes and binoculars poised, a television to view them on, lets hope for sunshine and peregrine chicks soon.

Photo by Ben Hall (