Author: Rachael Murray, RSPB Communications Officer

The first ever BBC Springwatch was beamed live into our living rooms back in 2005. 11 years later and it is stronger than ever, showing us the trials and tribulations of UK wildlife in high definition.

We’ve been really excited to welcome the BBC back with their cameras, cables and technological wizardry to once again shine a spotlight on some of the amazing wildlife that we create a home for at Minsmere.

From bitterns to badgers, avocets to adders, at this time of year the reserve is bursting with life – and we're just beginning to see the stars of the show emerging this series.  There's already been quite a bit of drama! Will our stone curlew chick hatch successfully?  Where is Fat Dad, the male great tit, nesting with his family in alarming proximity to our sparrowhawk? And will our avocet family out on the scrape survive the torrential rain and hungry black headed gulls? 


Picture: Glenn Dearing


We've already got some strong contenders for 'star of the show', but if there is one thing that Springwatch has taught me, it’s that if you look closely, absolutely all wildlife can capture the imagination and ignite a passion for the natural. Who would have predicted this time last year that a humble stickleback would hog the airtime?!

We hope that you enjoy the series, and moreover, that you are inspired to embark upon your own Springwatch experiences this year. Whether you head to you local nature reserve, or just pop outdoors to see what creatures are making a home in your garden, you too can find a wildlife star on your doorstep!

To get stuck into the drama, tune in to BBC 2, 6.30pm and 8pm, Monday - Thursday.

If you’d like to plan your own Springwatch experience at Minsmere, visit, or to have a live encounter with the wildlife of Springwatch at a nature reserve near you, visit