August, 2012

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Our work
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East Scotland Sea Eagles

Find out how we're bringing back white-tailed eagles to east Scotland
  • They're all out!

    Today, the last white tailed eagles to be released as part of the east Scotland  reintroduction took to the skies!

    The sunny weather and light windy conditions were perfect for the young birds to take their first flight, and they all did incredibly well. Anyone would think they’d done it before!

    The last release today was covered by BBC and STV after Tuesday’s planned release was cancelled due to heavy rain and thunderstorms! It was featured on STV’s news at 6pm and BBC reporting Scotland at 6:30pm this evening.

    The fledglings are not alone in the woods at the moment. Yesterday, Red E from the 2011 release cohort returned to the release wood and was seen perched with Grey A that was released on Monday. Hopefully Red E will show the new arrivals a thing or two!

    This great picture  of "Gray T"was taken by Mike McDonnell of Argaty Red Kites (

  • Bon Voyage!

    Yesterday saw the first release of the final cohort of white-tailed eagles to be released on the east coast of Scotland!

    Volunteers that have been involved in all aspect of the project from radio tracking and data entry to event volunteers came along to see Grey “A” and “T” take to the skies for the first time.

    “A” was the first bird collected from Norway this year, and “T” is the largest female. “T” was also the bird that had to be treated for a respiratory infection during her first week in captivity. She has since recovered remarkably well and showed no signs of ever being ill today!

    Both birds  didn’t waste any time in attempting their first flights! Neither of them sat around at the release hatch, and they both made a quick bolt for freedom! “A” even took a big run up! Despite being a little bit wobbly for the first few flaps , they quickly caught the brisk south easterly that was blowing. This carried them round to the safety of a plantation forest nearby where they perched as they got used to their new surroundings!

    It was such a great feeling to see them do so well in their first flight, and to finally see them in more natural surroundings!

    Today, Grey “O” and “H” will be released in front of BBC and STV reporters.

    Let’s hope they do just as well as “A” and “T”!!

    Pictures to follow......

  • Eagle Extravaganza!

    Join RSPB Scotland at Jamesfield Organic Centre, Abernethy on Sunday 19th August 2012

    Spend the day with RSPB Scotland and learn about the UK’s largest bird of prey, the white-tailed sea eagle. This is a great opportunity to find out more about these magnificent birds and why RSPB Scotland is re-introducing this native bird to the east coast of Scotland. 

    Event name: Eagle Extravaganza!

     Date: Sun 19th Aug

     Time: 10am – 2pm

     Location: Jamesfield Organic Centre, off the A913 between Abernethy & Newburgh, KY14 6EW

     Cost: Free

     Type of activity: hands on, family, education

     Event description:

    White-tailed Sea Eagles have returned to the east coast of Scotland.

    Join us and learn about the UK’s largest bird of prey; this is your opportunity find out more about these magnificent birds.

    Come and join in the FREE fun and games;

    · learn how to radio track White-tailed Sea Eagles

    · treasure hunt

    · help us build a full size White-tailed Sea Eagle nest

    · take home craft activities


    Throughout the day, there will be a RSPB member of staff on hand to answer any questions about the re-introduction of White-tailed Sea Eagles to the east coast of Scotland.