The latest edition of LEGAL EAGLE - the RSPB Investigations team newsletter is out!

A round up of stories and features from the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime – a collaboration of the organisations involved in wildlife law enforcement across the UK.  

Check out the latest top stories such as:

  • The new vicarious liability laws introduced to Scotland and Northern Ireland to help protect birds of prey

  • Gamekeeper caught red handed with poison bait on the Leadhills Estate

  • Horrific numbers of songbirds trapped for the restaurant trade in Sardina

  • Fox found dead in illegal drag snare in Scottish woodland

  • Bird keepers warned “You must have your documents!”

  • Falcon smuggler Jeffrey Lendrum jailed last August has his sentence cut

  • Operation Seal cages animal fight organizers in Northumberland

  • Jail for Merseyside gull killer

  • Meet our new intelligence manager Helen Mason & Lancashire Polices new Wildlife Crime Officer Mark Thomas…no not that one!

The full document is available HERE - Please forward to friends and spread the word.