A good way to spend 13 minutes of your life

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A good way to spend 13 minutes of your life

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Many of you may have been following the Radio 4 Shared Planet series.  If you are still looking for answers, here is Hans Rosling providing the clearest explanation (and the most creative presentation) I have seen about what is happening to the world's population.  If anything, it reinforces my view that consumption is the issue to focus on - as I outlined in my previous blog here

So get a cup of tea/coffee, put your feet up and watch this...

  • The films director has now pursuaded his distributor to make "Consumed" freely available on YouTube


    Some interesting comment there also. Shows what we're all up against!!

  • 13 minutes very well spent!

    Are we getting to the heart of the matter with all things environmental? Things begin to look up with TV ads, rebranding to embrace all of nature, Bill Turnbull on Bees, some interesting debate elsewhere really getting to grips with the idea of reaching out to the currentluy disconnected!

    Could I suggest a further film, Consumed, Inside the Belly of the Beast, which is quite posssibly the best problem definition and explanation I've seen regarding the psychological aspects of consumerism and the effects on sustainability.

    An equally powerful review is provided on the United Nation University website here: ourworld.unu.edu/.../overcoming-overconsumption-before-it-consumes-us and includes links to Slackjaw Films where a DVD can be purchased for a very modest fee.