Response to Mail on Sunday piece by Sir Ian Botham

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Response to Mail on Sunday piece by Sir Ian Botham

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You may have seen another piece about the RSPB in the Mail on Sunday from Sir Ian Botham and You Forgot the Birds.
Our response was as follows:
"We can confirm that we received a letter from lawyers acting on behalf of You Forgot the Birds. Our lawyers have responded and the matter is now in their hands. With that in mind, we do not wish to comment further at this stage".
We will give further updates in due course.
  • The best response to this is to do the opposite to what Botham is calling for - people to ask for their money back - so my cheque is in the post and I'd urge all RSPB supporters to show their support for you and for RSPB by making a special donation to RSPB's brilliant work.

  • The best way to respond for is members is to send RSPB an extra donation to show our support. My cheque is in the post labelled 'Botham Fund' - I'd urge other members to vote with their cheque books as a concrete demonstration of our support for Martin, the RSPB and Hen Harriers - if there are any left in England, that is.

  • The Mail will print any old thing if they think it will shift copies.

    I wish Mr Botham and his friends would forget the birds.......all of them.  I'm sure that some of them would appreciate not being shot at.