I hope you enjoyed our cuckoo feature in the latest Birds magazine. Thanks for your letters and e-mails, so far - and for sharing your own stories of cuckoos heard and cuckoos seen.

Derek and Sarah Niemann came back from their trip to South Uist to study cuckoos with a great selection of photographs, including some of other wildlife that they saw on their amazing trip, plus a fair few shots that made me smile!

I hope you enjoy this selection - more to come soon.

Furry or what? Cuckoos love caterpillars and here is a great close up of a garden tiger moth caterpillar that the Niemanns snapped on South Uist.

Any ideas? No, they're not rocks in the water - this is a pod of pilot whales that came close to stranding. Fortunately they escaped unharmed and were able to make it back out to the open sea and deeper water.

A daytime encounter with a short-eared owl was a pleasant distraction from the cuckoos.

Derek takes his chances in the sea off South Uist. I wouldn't fancy paddling there at the moment...

Derek and Sarah described this fellow as being among the 'friendliest' wildlife they encountered!