'Behind the scenes' here at Birds magazine involves me having a great job and the opportunity to work on a nature reserve: The Lodge, Sandy, Bedfordshire - that famous address of the Headquarters of the RSPB.

It also brings the chance to enjoy lunchtime walks surrounded by nature and the occasional privillege of something special turning up.

Minutes after posting my last blog post, news that an osprey had seen seen nearby came to my attention from my RSPB colleague, Richard Bashford (a Clooney-esque character who you might have seen on the telly talking about such things as Feed the Birds Day and Big Garden Birdwatch).

Gone fishing

This particular osprey has been seen munching fish in a tree on the new heath here at The Lodge on a handful of occasions in the last five days, but my lunchtime walks have proven unproductive so far - at least in respect of encounters with fish-eating visitors. Hence, my keeness to get to grips with the bird. It had nothing to do with the fact that Birds designer, Joel, mentioned how much he would love to see the osprey - he's currently on annual leave...

So a quick dash to the highest point of the reserve conveniently situated just outside my office and a scan down the valley to the fish farm where the bird had been reported bore fruit with the sight of a long-winged, brown and white bird being mobbed by gulls and crows at various times as it cruised above the water, head dipped, eyes peeled, hoping for a fishy meal.

Talon spotter

There is always something to learn about wildlife and today, Birds magazine volunteer Deb mentioned how she had learned on a recent trip to Rutland Water that adult ospreys go to great lengths to keep their talons tucked away while they are at the nest and feeding their chicks, which I thought was a great insight into the more tender side of our birds of prey.

Anyway, back to the magazine - oh, and sorry Joel. Maybe the osprey will still be around when you get back...