You may have read in a previous post  about my sighting of an osprey here at The Lodge and the fact that Joel was away and missed out on a bird he really wanted to see for the first time ever. Well, said osprey stayed for more than a month and has become, I believe, the latest ever osprey seen in the UK. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!

Last Friday, the two of us set out to try to catch up with it in our lunchbreak and catch up we did! I was really pleased for Joel as we got great views of this young bird circling overhead and moving between the various lakes below The Lodge in the Ivel Valley (and the trout farm where it has become a celebrity among the local fishermen). Another unseasonable sight was a common darter dragonfly. suggesting that there is definitely something strange going on with the weather so far this 'winter' (which, let's face it has been like autumn so far).

The osprey does seem to have finally moved on, last being reported on Sunday. We wish it well on its journey to West Africa where it will spend winter.

Back on Birds, we sent the next issue to the printers today and I'll be posting some teasers and spreads on this blog between now and when we mail in January.