We're well into putting together the Summer 2012 issue of Birds at the moment.  It's a strange time actually because while I'm thinking up places to go, things to do and wildlife to look out for to tell you about in the April-July period covered by that issue, the Christmas decorations are up.

On the 7 January, the Spring issue of Birds will be on its way out to our more than one million readers and before you get your copy, I wanted to give you a few clues into what the subjects of the four big features are in the guise of something you see a lot of at this time of year - Christmas quizzes. Don't worry, it shouldn't take you more than five minutes or so to crack the not particularly difficult clues. It is Christmas after all!

  • What is King Arthur said to have turned into when he died?


  • Parliament was once closed because of the stench coming from the one in London


  • Lots to do at them, from eating cake, taking a walk and seeing some amazing wildlife.


  • I hope that you'll all be doing it for a hour on the 28, or 29 January.


That's just the main features - there's lots more coming up including our revamped news pages (I might be biased but I think they look fab -  let us know what you think), what you've been up to in our Mailbox and Stepping Up - your stories pages and Wildabout full of seasonal wildlife-watching advice.

We've also got a brand new section in the pipeline that we're preparing for the Summer issue at the moment, which I know is going to be a big hit. Readers have been asking for this to be covered by Birds for a while now - and it is going to be our pleasure to give it to you! More to come on that - I don't want to spoilt the surprise too early...

Post a comment below if you'd like to and I'll let you know if you're right about the little quiz questions above. You'll need to be registered on the RSPB community to do so.