January, 2012

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  • Bullfinches - in your garden?

    I hope you enjoyed reading ‘Urban Birder’ David Lindo’s latest piece for Birds magazine on his encounters with bullfinches. If you haven’t read it yet, do turn to page 77 of the Spring 2012 issue.

    We asked you to let us know about your own experiences with these chunky finches in the magazine, so I thought I’d share one of my experiences with bullfinches to help get things rolling.

    It’s always nerve racking meeting your partner’s parents for the first time, but even more so when you make that first trip to go and stay at their house. Amidst desperately trying to avoid all those social faux pas and remembering my manners on that first weekend in Yorkshire, my eyes were drawn to the bird feeders hanging outside.

    Remembering that it is probably quite rude to stare out of the window when I should be making that all important first impression, all hope went out the window (literally) when a rose-breasted vision of beauty dressed in a silver jacket dropped down onto one of the seed feeders: a bullfinch!

    From that first encounter forth, it has always been a pleasure to go and visit my girlfriend’s parents, Sue and Graham, because up to two pairs of bullfinches are a near constant presence in both front and back gardens. I should also state that it is also a pleasure to visit Sue and Graham because they are sparkling company and excellent hosts. The finches are merely a bonus! Waking up to the finches’ soft ‘peeuh’ calls outside the window is a very pleasant experience indeed. They are often the first birds I see each day.

    As David says in his feature, bullfinches are sadly so much rarer now, making sightings like these even more precious.

    Does your home for nature, include a place for bullfinches?

    What do your bullfinches do?
    I’m not lucky enough to have bullfinches coming to my feeders in my garden, but it would be great to hear from anyone who does. Please let us know by posting a comment below (you’ll need to register on the RSPB Community first), or emailing Nature's Home magazine at natureshome@rspb.org.uk and I'll add your stories to the blog.

  • New Birds magazine is on its way to you

    Your next issue of Birds will be arriving with you in the next few days. We received the first copies here in the office today and the mailing operation will swing into action from tomorrow.

    It looks like it is going to be  a very early spring this year and on many days here 'down south' it has felt like it has already arrived. I've had singing song thrushes, robins prospecting nest sites, trees and shrubs coming into bud and bulbs coming up in force in my garden over Christmas, so  you can certainly start looking for signs of spring already. There's still lots of advice on winter wildlife watching advice in this issue though, not least Big Garden Birdwatch which is firmly in the spotlight. Please put the dates in your diary - 28 and 29 January - and put aside an hour to take part in the world's biggest birdwatch.

    Look out for references to this blog throughout the magazine - we'll be posting extra information and photos to accompany some of the features you'll be reading in the Spring issue, so do keep checking back in.

    Enjoy your magazine and please leave a comment if there's anything you've particularly enjoyed!

  • A little taster of the next Birds magazine

    Don't want to spoil the surprise too much, but here's a little montage of some of the things you can see in the latest issue of Birds magazine. There's much more though!