Tony and Lesley Trott live in New South Wales, Australia, but they are lifelong RSPB supporters. You can read about what they're doing to help nature on page 81 of Birds Autumn 2012, including clearing their garden and the adjacent rainforest of alien species that aren't good for the native plants and wildlife. They've also taken the star letter prize with a great story on page 9. They live on the edge of the rainforest at Nimbin and I'm not at all jealous...

I received some fabulous shots of them, their eco-house and some of the wildlife they are helping - too many for the mag - so here's a few more

This is Peggy who lives with the Trotts - apparently where she shouldn't be. How could you tell her to move though?

This a carpet python - I'd call it a disco ball python myself, although I don't think I'd want one anywhere in my house to be honest!

Peggy with Joey - sweet

Wildlife gardening outback style

Powerful owls (yes, that is their real name) - a nice garden bird

Who needs a cat?

Have you been stepping up?

It's great hearing from so many readers on the different ways you've been doing your bit to help wildlife. Why not let us know how you've been stepping up for nature and doing your bit for nature in your home and garden?