Thank you for all the letters, emails and photographs you send in to Birds magazine. We are now receiving so many great stories, and especially photographs, plus so much positive feedback on the new-look magazine that it's not possible to answer everybody. I do read every e-mail and letter and enjoy every photo though, so apologies if I haven't been able to get back to you.

The new readers' photographs section of the mag has been very popular and you have sent some amazing shots; some are tremendous quality, some have made me laugh and others have made me stare in disbelief! Because we can only publish a few in the magazine and Birds is only quarterly, here are some more. Enjoy...

Gordon Biggs captured this magnificent lizard on film in France.

Kathy and Andrew Nash sent in this shot of their blackbirds before they flew the nest -  a good brood.

Mystery bird time from Paul Grace. Post a comment below if you know what it is.

Sally Cookson snapped this buzzard waiting for the Isle of Skye ferry.