A creepy crawly visitor

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A creepy crawly visitor

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A creepy crawly visitor got the Birds magazine team excited the other day.

Advertising Team leader, Henry returned from his lunch break in Sandy clutching a box -  I was secretly hoping he'd splashed out and bought us back some cream cakes, but I certainly didn't fancy sinking my teeth into what was lurking inside. A beautiful fleshy green caterpillar, longer and thicker than my middle finger, was wriggling around, but before Henry released it in a suitable hedge (he'd found it crossing the road in front of him), I spotted a photo opportunity.

In the Autumn  issue of Birds, I published a fabulous letter from reader Jackie Smart about privet hawk moth caterpillars, so off I ran to grab a copy...

...so we could take some quick shots. This is Charlotte from the advertising team.

Not sure if a copy of Birds has ever been used to help rehome a lost caterpillar, but it certainly did a good job.

  • And if you'd like to see what our caterpillar will grow into, check out this post: www.rspb.org.uk/community/ourwork/b/birdsmagazine/archive/2012/10.aspx

  • The colour and the size of this thing against the tarmac road meant that I spotted it from about 50 yards away! I wondered if you might be able to see it from space! I don't know where it was going, but I couldn't allow it to get squashed by a passing motorist. After the photo shoot and it's 15 mins of fame, it was placed safely back in a privet (albeit a couple of miles from home).

    To be honest, it was the scariest thing I have seen since a queen Hornet entered my lounge down the chimney some years back.....but that is another story.