Have you seen one as big as this?

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Have you seen one as big as this?

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If you're wondering what the amazing caterpillar that got us all excited the other day will 'grow up' to be, take a look at these photographs I took on my phone in my house and garden.

These are two privet hawk moths that came to my light trap in my garden during one of the nicer summer evenings.

That's a handful -  these moths have super grippy feet and they soon latch on to flesh (Mark Ward)

One of the beauties released before dusk on the outside wall (Mark Ward)

I reckon these could be male and female, looking at the difference in size and a slight colour difference - happy to be proven wrong though! (Mark Ward)

It might not have been the best summer for insects, but I'd love to know if you've seen either one of the caterpillars or the superb adult moths of this spectacular beast. Just e-mail natureshome@rspb.org.uk

  • Thanks very much Page5fella!

    Lots of fresh air, exercise and plenty of wildlife - the secrets to a healthy mind and body.

  • What a cracking specimen. Only the Birds editor himself is in such good condition.