I've just signed this petition on the RSPB website that calls for David Cameron to "vote for nature".

Every seven years the European Union decides what to spend our money on. A big chunk of that budget is for agriculture. And a tiny amount of that pays for nature-friendly farming schemes that help keep our countryside full of wildlife. It is also one of the only sources of funding that protects our precious nature conservation sites.

We're fighting to save those funds that support farmers who make space for nature alongside food production - and you can help.

You can help skylarks by signing our petition (image by Chris Gomersall, rspb-images.com)

All it takes is 20 seconds

Please sign the petition (from experience I can tell you that it takes about 20 seconds, a little longer if you watch the fantastic video on the page).

We're currently putting together a farming and wildlife feature for the summer issue of Birds, so look out for that coming to your doormat in April...