It’s that time of year again. Tuesday 28 March will be the once-a-year day on which families up and down the UK can be found frying, flipping and frying again as they work their ways through a pile of eggs, syrups and lemons. My household is no exception. 

Pancake day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, is the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, and was traditionally the feast before the fast - using up all those naughty, tasty things like fat, eggs and honey while you still could. 

I’ll admit that we don’t give much thought to all that in our household (we don’t practice fasting) - but I do love the connection to a long tradition dating back to at least Medieval times. 

And this Tuesday, when we’re all home from work and school, we’ll be making these…

Pancake pictures take Shrove Tuesday's ancient customs into the 21st century.

Why go for flat and featureless when you can celebrate your love of nature and the arrival of spring? It’s surprisingly easy. Which is why our team on the magazine decided to create this how-to video for our junior members’ magazine, Bird Life

Working with our lovely video team, we decided to celebrate the season with pancake pictures of spring’s new arrivals: a young nestling, a cluster of frogspawn and a caterpillar.

They’re all easy to do - all you need is your usual pancake mix, two squeezeable drinks bottles and some cocoa to add to the mix for the brown outlines. Just draw, fry, flip and serve - delicious and delightful! Enjoy. 

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