Yesterday was a big day for the Nature’s Home team. I took the advance proofs of our Winter 2017 issue, all the way from Bristol to Sandy, to get it signed off by editor-in-chief Mark. ou

Arriving at the RSPB’s headwaters at the Lodge is always a calming experience - we drive in through a world of fluttering trees, dappled sunlight, birdsong and squirrels. But yesterday it was straight to the meeting room to sit down with the team and pore over 100 pages of the next issue.

This is always an exciting moment, as it means we know exactly what each page is going to look like… and that includes the cover. We tweaked one of the cover-lines slightly, and voila! It’s done! And here it is…

Ta-daaa! It’s Nature’s Home... from the future!


As you can see, we’ve chosen winter geese as our cover stars. The magazine covers the October to January period - perfect for going on a wild goose chase as new arrivals touch down from colder northern climes - you’ll get to meet them all inside. 

Also in the issue, I write about the RSPB’s partnership with Aldi, which brings urban children into contact with nature. This is good for kids, good for nature, and something I’m pretty passionate about, so you probably haven’t heard the last from me on the subject. 

Our third big feature reveals the extraordinary lengths that scientists go to count birds - from up cliffs, to down burrows - all to gain crucial data about bird populations. I have job envy, I have to say – I don't mind a bit of abseiling. 

Well, there’s plenty more besides, as ever - but you’ll have to wait until the magazine hits doormats in October to read it all!

We hope you enjoy it. 

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