I often take the 40 minute walk to the shop at the weekend if I haven't got much else planned for that day. The walk starts at the Cambridgeshire Wildlife Trust reserve Byron's Pool, and then cuts across some scrubby grassland. It's not the world's most exciting walk, but not bad for a supermarket run and I'll often see a hare or two. Last weekend as I took to the edge of the grassy scrub, I was treated to my first skylark singing from up high. It was a wintry day, and I felt this photo of the week sent in by Nature's Home reader Susan Blagden sums it up perfectly.

Belting it out, and parachuting to the ground against a cold, grey sky in mid-February. Time for a little rest. (Photo: copyright Susan Blagden, www.contemplativecamera.org Twitter: @cameraprayer)

What have you begun to hear as spring creeps into view?