New blog from Rebekah Stackhouse, RSPB Scotland's Education and Youth Programmes Manager.

Happy Winds-day everyone – I do hope you’re outside!

Whilst our weather today might not be quite as bad as Winnie the Pooh’s “mild spring zephyr” in Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, I wouldn’t blame anyone who stayed in to guard their honey this morning. As proven by Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Owl, however, it is possible not only to go outside on days like today, but also to have seriously exciting adventures! I wouldn’t necessarily recommend travelling in a flying house, but I would recommend splashing in puddles, catching raindrops, chasing leaves, and even paddling in the mud.

That’s why I am pleased to hear about the Natural Childhood Summit being hosted by the National Trust today. Connecting children and young people with the natural world creates confident and capable individuals who welcome adventure, can assess and cope with risk, and who relish all sorts of outdoor activity. It also has significant health and wellbeing benefits. The Natural Childhood Summit will outline a way forward for individuals, communities, organisations and policy makers to take action and ensure that all young people are able to connect with nature.

In Scotland, organisations such as Education Scotland, members of the Real World Learning  Partnership, Scottish Natural Heritage and others are already delivering important work in this area. As a result of Scotland’s Action Plan for the UN Decade of Sustainable Development, there have been improvements in the number and quality of outdoor experiences children and young people can take part in. It is very important that, like Piglet in his windswept journey, we make the most of this momentum. The important messages of the Natural Childhood Summit, along with those of our partner organisations in Scotland will inform and support our work as we head into the Year of Natural Scotland in 2013.

Whatever “heffalumps” or “woozles” you and the children and young people you know decide to hunt today, get those wellies and waterproofs on and enjoy the outdoors!