As a result of over 123,000 people signing a petition by Mark Avery, calling for a ban on driven grouse shooting, the future of this industry and the way our uplands are managed will be debated in parliament in just two weeks, on the 31st October. This is an incredibly important and rare opportunity to push for significant change in the way our uplands are manged. For our part, we will be renewing our calls for reform, specifically through licensing of grouse shooting and vicarious liability for estates where wildlife crimes are committed.

You can read Martin Harper's thoughts on the debate here

My colleague, Jeff Knott, will be presenting oral evidence in front of MPs  here tomorrow, to inform the debate, and you can have your say too. Find out more about how you can get involved and write to your MP here

Now is your chance to truly influence the future of our hen harriers and the uplands. Don't miss it.

Hen harrier in flight. (Image: John Whitting)