Get the latest news on our hen harrier conservation work, including the five-year Hen Harrier Life+ project.
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  • Touring Skydancer Road Show

    *Phew*! Between April and July is definitely the busy season for people engagement and I feel like I've hardly been in the office at all - no bad thing given the recent bout of sunshine! With the help of some fantastic volunteers, I've been out...
  • Hen harriers in the media

    Running with the theme of positivity for 2013, if one were to try and find some sliver of good in the tragedy of Bowland Betty, it's that the circumstances of her untimely demise have finally brought the hen harrier issue to national attention. In...
  • Leaving the Hen Harrier Action Plan: a personal perspective

    Jeff Knott is RSPB's Head of Nature Policy. Here he shares his own personal perspective on the decision to walk away from Defra's Hen Harrier Action Plan. It’s always disappointing when you invest a lot of your time and energy into something...
  • Second 2016 hen harrier goes missing

    I’m sorry to have to report that we have lost another of this year’s satellite tagged hen harrier chicks. Brian, named after the very experienced raptor worker Brian Etheridge, was one of our non-public-facing birds. With the permission...
  • Remarkable hen harrier journeys revealed by satellite tagging

    The recent recovery of Rowan, a Langholm hen harrier tagged by the Hawk & Owl Trust and Natural England, who appears to have been illegally shot in Cumbria, highlights the vital role that satellite tagging has to play in the conservation of this threatened...
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#thankyour Hero #5 #thankyou

Skydancer has been nominated for Best Education Project in the National Lottery Awards 2014! Vote for...
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'Flying' female

Female hen harrier showing off her flying skills as part of the Skydancing Circus Show, at Greenhead...
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by 358

A sneek peak of rehearsals for the big performance

The 'female hen harrier' examines her precious egg during rehearsals for the Skydancing Circus...
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by 325

A winter's snack

A female hen harrier carries a tasty vole back to her winter roosting spot on the Dee Estuary. (c...
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by 347

Beautiful view over North Tynedale

View from The Gun Inn, North Tynedale, on our volunteer training evening for the hen harrier nest protection...
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Carnival Games

Children attempt to feed the hen harriers with beanbag voles at the Hen Harrier Carnival, as part of...
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Colourful flapping hen harriers

Children and families made over 140 of these over the two days at Newcastle Green Festival! Download...
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Colourful harriers

Pupils at Hallbankgate Village School colour in their very own hen harriers.
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Communal Roost

In winter evenings, hen harriers group together in communal roosts of anywhere between 2 and 10 birds...
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Creative collage 2

One of the finished moorland collages created by children from Newsham Primary School, Blyth and West...
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Creative collages

Children from Newsham Primary School, Blyth, get one step closer to earning their Hen Harrier Hero Awards...
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Deep in the heather

Female hen harrier near her nest - photo by James Leonard
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