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  • Media: Heroic protection

    Two of RSPB's real Hen Harrier Hero squad, Chris Beever and Jim Harvey, mounting 24/7 guard on England's remaining hen harriers. (c) Steve Ormerod, Forest of Bowland, 2014.
  • Media: Hidden watch

    Assisted by telescopes and remote hidden cameras, RSPB staff and volunteers keep a 24/7 watch over two hen harrier nests in Bowland. (c) Steve Ormerod, 2014.
  • Media: Stand-out male

    With his pale ash-grey colouring and black wingtips, this male hen harrier cuts a striking figure against the greens and the browns of the moorland landscape. This ability to stand out will make his skydancing antics even more breathtaking to behold and most importantly, even more obvious to a female...
  • Media: Incoming!

    A male hen harrier takes a dive at the camera - photo by Amy Challis, Bowland 2008
  • Media: What's hiding in the heather?

    Moorland is a wonderfully diverse and complex habitat, made up of so much more than just heather. Pupils from Hornby St Margaret's CE Primary School, Bowland, had the chance to really get to grips with this on a Skydancer moorland visit and explore the variety of plants and mosses hiding between...
  • Media: Moorland mini-beast hunt

    Boys from Honrby St Margaret's CE Primary School get close up and personal with some of Bowland's moorland mini-beasts on a Skydancing Schools moorland visit, July 2012.
  • Media: Fluffy and sharp!

    Hen harrier chicks photographed in a nest in Wales, in 2009, by Jude Lane, Bowland Project Officer in a previous job.
  • Media: Soaring high

    Female hen harrier who laid 13 eggs in 2010 and fledged 5 chicks in 2011, Bowland - photographed by Mick Demain