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  • Forum Thread: Kestrel Chicks

    1020 breakfast time! Looked like a vole, both chicks got a good feed, and I'm sure I saw one of the 3 remaining eggs move, hopefully it will hatch today! I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  • Forum Thread: Kestrels 2012

    Is the Arne Kestrel wecam going to be on this year, (that is if the pair use it)? I really enjoyed watching them last year. Harry
  • Forum Reply: Re: Kestrels - Life in the Box 2012!

    Hope this works! I've had a little fiddle with this, just contrast and brightness, you can just about see part of the second egg to the left of the one in full view. just missing capture image when it was more visible, I will keep trying tho!
  • Forum Thread: Kestrels. Life in the box

    Our Kestrels are now live on the Arne website! The female has been sitting on the eggs for 32 days so the first should hatch any time. She seems particularly restless today and sometimes you can even hear the chicks calling from the eggs. Who will be the first to see a hatched chick? It would be great...
  • Forum Thread: greedy the one in the front had hole mouse i think with the wings outso that othewrs cant get

    greedy the one at the front had hole mouse i think he even had his wings out so others cant get at it
  • Forum Reply: Re: Kestrels. Life in the box

    According to our maths, today should be the day of hatching! Keep your eyes peeled!