As more and more people are out and about on the reserve, we’ve been asking them what they enjoyed and what they’ve seen around. Wayne Sullivan and his son had a lovely day out and it sounds like they saw and did loads:

“Hi Katy,

I had a wonderful day out with my little boy at Coombes Valley today. My little boy really enjoyed the children's den area.

We saw some lovely birds today like the Blackbird, Bullfinch, Buzzard and Blue Tit to name a few. We saw some frog spawn and some catkins so we can tick them off in the RSPB book!!!”


Buzzard - Katy Fielding


Not only that, but it sounds like more creepy-crawlies are starting to make their presence known again.


“The centipede was on the inside of the gate post where the gate closed at the bottom of the track down the slope from the children’s den area. My boy liked the area because we were playing hide and seek. It was also the place where we last saw the rabbit being chased by the weasel.”


Now I haven’t seen a weasel in the den building area but I’m certainly going to keep my eyes open next time! Hopefully I’ll get as lucky as Wayne and his son!


Weasel - RSPB images

Our winter visitors were seen gathering in fields last week and we think they’ve started the long journey back to their breeding grounds in Scandinavia.

Chiff chaffs have been heard singing throughout the reserve, even in the car park! No other summer migrants have been spotted or heard yet but they might only be days away!

Many birds are beginning to display mating behaviour now. Blackbirds have seen collecting twigs and moss and blue tits and great tits are squabbling over nesting boxes. This includes the box next to the visitor centre which has a camera in it – so fingers crossed we’ll have some action for visitors to watch soon!

I’m looking forward to seeing my first butterfly on the reserve. Will it be a brimstone, a peacock, a small tortoiseshell or even an orange tip? All are early butterflies which we have at the reserve and I’m just dying to see them again. Keep watching ‘recent sightings’ for updates and to find out when the spring migrants arrive.

Orange tip butterfly - Katy Fielding