Lack of post from anyone in the blogs from Coquet Ireland.

Coquet Island

Coquet Island
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Coquet Island

Lack of post from anyone in the blogs from Coquet Ireland.

  • What has happened with the latest news from Coquet Ireland as its been 6 months and no from their has written in the blog. As I live in North East England. I'm wondering what has happened to the blogs. Ian.
  • Ian, Coquet Island has been posting some interesting stuff on Facebook recently.


  • Thanks for your comment Ian. It is – I am afraid a result of me biting off more than I can chew and I lost track with it (hence taking so long to reply).

    As I am sure you can guess – the work on Coquet is based around the birds – our internet presence is something I try to keep going when I can.

    This year I tried facebook  - thinking that I could add to it – and keep the blog going at the same time …. And have learnt that I can’t. I just don’t seem to be able to make time for both

    It is a shame – as I quite enjoyed the blog, but we must choose between the two and Facebook seems to be the one to keep. In roughly the same time we have a gained a bigger audience -  it also seems easier to do short updates more regularly which suits island life.

    I hope you remain interested in Coquet – you don’t need to be a member of Facebook to enjoy the page so you can still keep up with events. If you go to

    It will ask you to join – but just click cancel, and you can look through it just like member. You won’t be able to comment or ‘like’ unless you sign up …. But you can always e.mail me directly on with any questions  

    I hope to find some time next summer to do a few larger blogs – but will get them added as a guest to one of the other blogs  

    Hope that makes sense  

    Thank you


  • And now found at RSPB North East England & Cumbria on Facebook with plenty of brilliant photos and amusing video links (puffins playing the piano anyone!?).  

    This also has updates from the other reserves in the region  -look at

  • I don't think Coquet Island should have given up on its blog, as there used to be far more information on here than Facebook. All in all I was never very happy about this. And it's now more than 2 years since anyone wrote on this blog. Very disappointed!!

    Regards, Ian.