Crook of Baldoon

Crook of Baldoon

Crook of Baldoon
Do you love our Crook of Baldoon nature reserve or the Wigtown ospreys? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!

Crook of Baldoon

  • Snow and Ice

    Hopefully not lasting to long but the worst snow and Ice since 2011 has hit the Wigtown bay and the Crook this past weekend making life difficult for the wildlife. Both lagoons totally frozen so few birds roosting most hoping to get a feed out on the saltmarsh mud and roosting out there as well. Some flocks of pink footed geese moving about the bay trying not to find wildfowlers at their next resting place, there is the need for another 7 days of sub zero temperatures and the cold weather ban will start.

      Left to right four of our volunteers Peter, Gerry, Carl And Jim missing from this group and worked hard on this project are Jackie, and myself. we have also had some support from volunteers and staff from RSPB Wood of Cree  reserve and RSPB Mersehead.

    I am pleased to say that the footpath is now finished and waiting on fencers now to make it stock proof. 

    The one thing that does rattle our volunteers cages is irresponsible dog owners that walk there dog and do not clear up the mess and take it away with them. Within two day of opening the new path we have had two cases of dog mess left on the footpath as a dog owner my self I find it very annoying to clear up another persons dogs mess. We have had to put up big signs which I personally find very intrusive about the SNH code of the countryside which should be known by all responsible people.   

  • November is here along with the redwings and fieldfares

    Well firstly the footpath is usable unfortunately the first people to use it are dog walkers and within day we are having to clear of dog mess from this new path. It makes me very cross that we have to constantly harp on about this with signs on site to remind people and personally I hate the countryside being littered with signs and as a dog owner my self that comes to work with me I clean up and take it home and bin it. That's my moan of the month.

    While working on the path we have had the clerk of works inspecting making sure we are doing it right.


    Actually joking apart this year we have seen more robins on the reserve than normal with along this 300m foot path 4 seeming to hold a quasi territory. Lots of chaffinches and blackbirds utilizing the wealth of berries that have come this season. This month saw a big influx of redwings and fieldfares with some mistle thrush and song thrush.

    On the wader front curlew, redshank, oystercatcher on lagoon 1 and 5. Little egrets have been utilising lagoon 1 and the saltmarsh with 27 being the best count so far and at the northern end of the reserve big bird visited for the first week of November a great white egret.


    Thanks to William Cluckie for the Photo

  • October already

    October already were has the year gone since my last blog in July a very wet and miserable summer has passed. August was the wettest since 2012 and made putting in the new western boundary path near impossible September did not do us any favours either with just short of 200mm new money 7and 5/8inches old but the volunteers have persisted and this week we set the final bits of geogrid so now just the tidying up and putting in seats and fence rails around the new pond and some moving of reed for cover.

    on the bird front the whoopers have come back with 12 feeing on spilt cereal in the next field, golden plover and dunlin are back.

    Pink footed,barnacle and pale bellied brent geese are back in the area with large scene's heading towards Stranraer also white fronted geese back at west freugh.