Andrew was correct!!

Old Moor & Dearne Valley

Old Moor & Dearne Valley
Do you love visiting our Dearne Valley reserves? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
Dearne Valley

Andrew was correct!!

  • I asked Andrew on his blog the other day what the photo ops at Adwick Washlands were like, he said it was a great little place to visit so on his recommendation I decided to pay it a visit this morning.

    With the wind getting gradually worse it was no surprise that it was fairly quiet on the reserve but you could still see the potential of the place with better weather.

    The first thing I came across was a large flock of Lapwings, that got spooked by something

    and on the other side of the bridlepath was this beauty hunting and taking no notice of me.

    I struggled to keep the camera still in the strong wind for these

    Quite a few Goldfinches in the area of the sunflowers (also spotted a single Yellowhammer with them)

    one of the several Grey Herons I saw

    a beautiful Kestrel from the viewing platform ( a cracking design and area to view from)

    will certainly be going back on a better day...and anyone travelling by train it's just 5 minutes from Bolton upon Dearne train station.

  • Looks like a good spot and as far as I'm concerned Little Egrets are always a pleasure to watch. Although the Dearne Valley reserves are not really local to me, I do like that Andrew and others keep regular sightings updates on here and make the extra effort to keep them interesting as well as informative.

  • Glad you have a good day at Adwick. We love it - peaceful and always something interesting pops up...and it's a nice walk too! :)

  • Just read the 2012 blog from Matthew explaining how this reserve came to be ... must be a good location 'cos lovely Kestrel giving seal of approval!

    Good L.Egret vids too, thanks D!

  • Looks like a good visit Alan. I am so glad you discovered one of the Dearne Valley's little gems. I try to visit on a Sunday morning though my commitment at Old Moor mean that doesn't always happen.

    I think Adwick is so special for many reasons not least of which is that, if something is about (and it nearly always is) then you'll get a very close and 'intimate' view. Pec sand beside the path last year springs to mind! Wryneck a few weeks ago. And it's also one of the best places for seeing (and photographing) birds in flight. Many times I've enjoyed raptors overhead and avocet or plover skimming a few feet above. Birds regularly fly from one side of the stone circle to the other so positioning yourself here is always a good idea.

    Mind you, there's also the perimeter path. If coming from the station, turn left when you get on the reserve and follow the path around the outside of the washlands. This will take you along the edge of a field (meadow pipits regularly) and towards an area known as 'the mound'. If you are lucky this will turn up stonechat or whinchat and maybe a partridge. Last winter, for example, this was the best place for Egyptian and pink-footed geese.

    So do go back. It's one of those places that rewards careful scrutiny. :)

  • Cheers Andrew I certainly will be going back it looks a lovely place.

    I did pop up that first path (that's where the Goldfinch photo was taken) to see where it leads, and I'll do the full tour next time I go.

    I think if you can enjoy somewhere when the weather isn't the best (it was very windy) it has to be even better when it's a lovely day

  • It is true that there is not much shelter at Adwick (a bit of British understatement there!) Appropriate clothing required at all times. Bt the way, the small copse near the car park that some refer to as 'Old Maggot Farm', is well worth a close look as well as the perimeter. :)

  • Agree re the copse (I didn't know it was called Old Maggot Farm!). Good for songbirds, jays etc. A nice place, especially in Spring. :)

  • For the very dull reason that there was a small farm there that - wait for it - raised maggots for the fishing industries. The foundations of this building are still visible in winter. - I'm a mine of information me ;o) [

  • Cheers chaps hopefully if the weather is ok I should be popping across friday for a good walk round, I'll keep a lookout for the maggot farm.