A recent visit to Dovestone showed that there are lots on insects  to see still, mainly feeding on the last flowers .

However, the Fungi main season has now started - there are a few Waxcaps in the meadows, such as Snowy and Parrot, while in the woods many species can be found.

Pine woods are showing well, with  Conifer Tuft (photo), which isn't too common - a relative of Sulphur Tuft, which can also be seen.

Pine Fire Fungus is also unusual, but has been in abundance over the last few weeks in Pennyworth.

Another conifer liking fungus is Dyers Mazegill, again uncommon, so we seem to be doing well this year.

There are still some good Insects about , Hoverflies and Butterflies, including many Red Admirals sunbathing while they can - we have had  a recent influx it seems - 7 watched at one spot. Good numbers of Speckled Wood are showing too.

This little beauty showed itself - Sermylassa halensis - a tiny  leaf Beetle that uses Bedstraw as a host plant - which we have lots of around here. Only 697 records on the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) - but is probably under-recorded, but is generally a southern species.

There are many more insect species to be found around the Reservoirs - its just a question of keeping your eyes open and looking carefully.

Let us know of anything interesting - with a good photo, we will try and ID it too!