Mountain Hares at Dovestones

Dove Stone

Dove Stone
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Dove Stone

Mountain Hares at Dovestones

  • I'm planning a trip to Dove Stones in a couple of weeks to hopefully see and photograph Mountain Hare. I went to Bleaklow last year and managed to see a couple but as it was in very snowy conditions I only saw them at the last minute and they were gone before I could get my camera onto them. I've read that the area from Dove Stones Reservoir to Chew Reservoir seems to be quite good. Has anyone been recently with any success ?
  • Hi Paul

    Staff and visitors have had plenty of recent sightings of mountain hares as you say, on the path from Chew Brook up to Chew Reservoir. Look quite high up on the slopes, especially under rocky overhangs. Good luck! Let us know what you see. Last time I was up saw 4 mountain hares, a stonechat, kestrel and stoat in full ermine.

    Thanks Miriam

    Dove Stone Visitor Experience Manager

  • Hope you went this today Sunday as the RSPB rep had his scope trained on one.

  • We spotted two mountain hares up the hill from the path to Chew Reservoir - first time I've seen these, what a treat!

    Also - red grouse flushed a couple of times, and a dipper on Chew Brook.

  • Wonderful! Pleased you saw them. Good to see a dipper too!

  • We went up there just over a week ago and saw one about halfway up the climb to Chew Res on the slope opposite the footpath. Small dot of white. Managed to get zoom into it but image not too clear although it did show that it definitely was one. Chuffed to bits as its a first for me.

  • They are fantastic to see, even though can be hard to make out without binoculars or a 'scope. Glad you had a sighting even if a distant one!

  • Hello again I didn't manage to get up to Dovestones last year so I'm heading up tomorrow. Is RSPB car park the best place to park?

  • I usually park at the main one by the sailing club as easiest to walk up the Chew Res path from there.  Good luck if you go, I've been going up a few times this winter and they've been showing well at times.

  • Thanks Claire I've just realised who it is ☺. Obviously you know I managed to find and photograph some Hares. Speak again soon on social media somewhere