May, 2010

Aire Valley - Fairburn Ings and St Aidan's

Aire Valley - Fairburn Ings and St Aidan's
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Aire Valley - Fairburn Ings and St Aidan's

  • The End of Week Round Up

    Many Warblers can still be heard around the reserve including Garden Warblers which were seen and heard many times on Friday. Reed and Sedge warblers are very much about with their distinctive songs. Friday was also a good day to see Yellowhammers, they are visible from the Visitor Centre and up along Red Shale road heading towards Bob Dickens hide. A little Grebe was also spotted from Red Shale road as you look down towards the pool below. Coal, Blue, Great, Long Tailed and Willow Tits were all seen regularly yesterday and a good place to see them is around the Visitor Centre and over Main Bay Tips along the River Bank Trail.

    From Lin Dike hide both Teal and Garganey have been spotted this Friday. The hide is also a great place to see a lot of Swan, Coot, Moorhen and Canada Geese broods, which are all in full swing now here at Fairburn Ings.

    Other sightings to report from the last two days are: Kingfishers from Kingfisher screen, Treecreepers along the boardwalks, Red Legged Partridge around the Visitors Centre, Buzzards flying over the reserve and of course we have Cuckoos here at the reserve which can usually be heard everyday and if you're lucky, even seen flying over your head.

  • Grebes Ahoy!

    The first Great Crested Grebe chicks are now on the reserve and these can be seen from our Cut hide. So far there are two broods, both with two chicks each. The chicks can be seen catching a ride on their parents back and fighting over food when the other adult returns. Also from the Cut two Little Ringed Plovers have been spotted today and there has been a Goosander seen every evening this week.

    A Common Sandpiper was seen out on main Lake from Village Bay hide today and, for the bird of prey enthusiasts, a male Marsh Harrier was sighted flying over the reserve heading east, making this the third week in a row that one has been spotted somewhere over the reserve. In addition to the Marsh Harrier a Little Owl was seen twice this week, once yesterday just up Newton Lane, towards Allerton Bywater, and the other was on the same road heading in a Fairburn village direction.

    The Treecreeper fledglings are still viewable from the boardwalks over near Pick Up hide, which has been giving a lot of pleasure to passers by.

  • The week so far

    Wood Sandpiper and Little Ringed Plovers spotted again at Pick Up hide at the beginning of the week, with the latter being seen almost on a daily occurrence at both the Pick Up and Lin Dike hides. The female Marsh Harrier has been spotted from Lin Dike today and a Hobby sighted yesterday flying over Cut lane. There are two pairs of Kingfishers which can be viewed from Cut hide as well as Oystercatchers, Shovelers, Tufted Ducks and more.

    Other sightings this week include Greenshank and two Avocets over on Hicksons flash yesterday along with a Grasshopper Warbler which was seen, but not heard making its charming insect like whirring reel call down near Lin Dike. Male Goosander from Village Bay, Common Tern over near Allerton Ings and two Jays along the River Bank trail towards Village Bay today.

    Also today four Treecreeper fledglings have been seen making their first ventures into the open world over by Pick Up hide. Lots of excitement happening around the trees as two parents try to keep an eye on, and feed four youngsters as they explore the world outside the nest.