Visiting Fairburn Ings on Saturday 7th July for the first time ever

Aire Valley - Fairburn Ings and St Aidan's

Aire Valley - Fairburn Ings and St Aidan's
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Fairburn Ings

Visiting Fairburn Ings on Saturday 7th July for the first time ever

  • I‘m visiting Fairburn Ings for the first time ever on Saturday 7th July by Coach with the Newcastle Upon Tyne RSPB Group. I’m hoping the dry, fine, sunny weather will continue until then. I’m hoping the Spoonbills will still be around along many other birds and wildlife. Really looking forward to this trip.

  • Hope you have a good visit Ian I've heard it's a brilliant place

  • Is that one of the reserves that Gillian visited as featured on Springwatch?  Hope it's all good for you Ian!

  • Yes, and there’s a pair of Spoonbills that have nested at Fairburn Ings for the last 2 years. There are only 12 pairs of Spoonbills nesting in the UK.

  • Do hope you get good views of them Ian!

  • Hi Ian

    Look away now if you don't want to see the Spoonbills before your visit!



    Fairburn Ings is just an hour away from me and just 5 minutes away from my parents so I pop in occasionally when I go visting.

    As it happens I was there yesterday, and managed to view the nesting Spoonbills.  They are in a part of the reserve not normally open to the

    public but there is a good pathway and a bit of a walk to see them, but when you get there, you can see them with the naked eye although you

    obviously get better views with your binoculars.  The area has been fenced off so as not to disturb the Spoonbills.  I have attached a couple of my photos so you can have a sneak preview!  These were taken on full zoom and have been cropped.  As you can see, there were plenty of Cormorants around, but also a Heron and Little Egrets.


    I hope you enjoy your visit.

  • I'm sure you will have a great day Ian. I am a little biased though, Fairburn is our local patch. My lad and me will be knocking around the reserve (as volunteer rangers) on that Saturday morning, so we may cross paths at some point.

    Aside from all the biggies mentioned above, our tree sparrows are fascinating and there has been a very showy Cuckoo lately. Not to mention black-necked grebes...

    You might already be following these posts, but the 'Aire Valley - Fairburn Ings and St Aidan's' blogs might be worth a look:

    Hope you have a cracking visit!

  • We had a superb day at Fairburn Ings on Saturday with the Newcastle Upon Tyne RSPB Group coach trip, with the temperature over 26 degrees Celsius. Highlight of the day was seeing the nesting pair of Spoonbills with young. Spoonbills have nested at Fairburn Ings for 2 years now. There’s only 12 nesting pairs of Spoonbill at present in the UK.. Lots of wildfowl. Must have walked over 6 miles in the heat. Very good company as well.

  • Glad to her you had such a good trip Ian and saw the nesting Spoonbills.  Six miles is a good way to walk in this heat!

  • I have sadly a few criticism’s of the Fairburn Ings Reserve. First of all this is one of only a few RSPB reserves that allow dogs. But there where so many dogs that had been let loose by there owners off there leads. Also in the visitor centre there was one person who had brought a dog into the the room where you could have your light refreshments which you could buy in the shop. Neither the staff or the volunteers mentioned this to the dog owner at all, despite the notice saying guide dogs only and this certainly wasn’t a guide dog. Just a few criticism’s I’m sad to have to make after an excellent days Birdwatching at Fairburn Ings last Saturday.