Today was another good visit to Fairburn Blackcaps chiff chaffs willow warblers and whitethroats all singing along the riverbank trail. From Bob Dickens hide had a great view of the Black necked grebe, spotted by my friends from Norfolk, the avocets are still there on the islands -although its hard to get good views from Bob Dickens hide surrounded as they are by blackheaded gulls. I got a much better and satisfying view of a pair of avocet from Charlies hide where they are much closer and easier to see. This pair were also mating so looks like they plan to hang around:) A juvenile lesser black backed gull did something interesting apart from annoying the resident pair of lapwings. He found a huge shellfish which looked like an oyster or clam and proceeded bash it on the rocks flying up to drop it at one point.However he didn't get a meal losing the shell in a crevice from whre he couldn't retrieve it. A common tern was fishing in front and behind Charlies hide before resting up on the perches in Village lake alongside a heron and a cormorant. Does anyone know the purpose of the platform in front of the village viewing station? osprey?