Can I please ask, who agreed the new structure on The Cut? Who actually said "Yes that is what we want as a replacement to the old hide" I only ask, as having visited this strange creation, I'm disgusted with the end result. It wasn't designed by a birdwatcher that is obvious, so what is it actually for? I know the history of why it was needed, but surely, you could have spoken to someone before spending hard fought for funding. It is wheelchair unfriendly, as I've yet to see anybody willing to go up and down Cut Lane in a wheelchair. So why was it only half built, it just makes Fairburn a laughing stock in the bird-watching community again. So sad to see this on what was a lovely reserve. And I visit every day too, so do see what is happening there and no its not sour grapes. I'm just sad that somebody agreed to this and would like to know who?