Fowlesheugh trip last Saturday


Do you love our Fowlsheugh nature reserve? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!

Fowlesheugh trip last Saturday

  • Weather was great. Dolphins out to sea and Great Skua feeding on auks corpse at the bottom of the cliff. Building up for a good summer season I hope.

  • Lovely photos



  • Beautiful photos C.B.     I'm not great with ID's but are these Guillemots and a Razorbill ?  sry, I'm still learning !!  

  • Yes Hazel.The little auk is my avatar btw!

  • Thanks edge,  that's a great bird to have for your avatar :)

  • Hazel. Hi - yup, guillemots - with one the 'bridled' version. Looks like wearing glasses. The other is a very relaxed razorbill. I'm ok on ID but learning re; photography. thanks for the positive comment.


  • Thanks Stephen,  I'm not too familiar with coastal birds;    they are wonderful photos and loved seeing them so if you get any more, just keep posting away   LOL !!

  • Great photos, Stephen. I must admit I didn't know where Fowlesheugh was so had to look it up. Great place by the look of it. I also like the Kittiwake peeking out amongst the Guillemots.

  • edgebander

    Yes Hazel.The little auk is my avatar btw!

    lucky you don't get too many GS's round your way then EB otherwise you'd be sporting an empty box!!

  • Handsome birds CB!

  • This little chap was taking a breather in a rockpool near Robin Hoods Bay.He`d been blown off course by ferocious gales but picked himself & rejoined his mates.A survivor,Wendy....Dont have the equipment or skill to take seabird pictures like CB`s sadly...So....More postings please.Great pictures.

  • That Guillemot with the 'monocle' would make a great avatar!

  • Just been reading up about Robin's Hood Bay EB - looks an interesting place - love little Auk pic!