Howdy folks! Welcome back to the Frampton Marsh recent sightings. With me, Chris the visitor guy.

Just a quick one tonight I'm afraid. So time to crack on and check some maps

That is a serious amount of sand martins!

Still a lot of sand martins about. The great white egret gave some pretty good views before disappearing into the reed at about 11 am.

Great white egret did another disappearing act, though this time reappeared at about 4. The planes were excellent, with aerobatics by the spitfire pilot.

Not sure where the egret got to today...

Because it is back again on Wednesday. Was showing brilliantly right outside the visitor centre at 6:30pm.

Yes, everything still there...

And yes, once again.

Um, yes, quick and dirty version tonight. Might see if I can't add some photos in later. For now though, that is your lot!