Howdy folks! Welcome back to the Frampton Marsh (and sometimes the Freiston Shore) recent sightings blog. With me, Chris the visitor guy.

What is that? You'd like it short and snappy with just maps of the week's sightings? Well, I think we can oblige...

Er yes, I do apologise for the picture quality on some of these. it being on the darker side when they were taken, sometimes cameras have struggled rather. Anyway, a pair of jack snipe was an early morning bonus down near the sea bank car park.

Yes, that is just one or two pomarine skuas! The word pomarine by the way has nothing to do with the sea, despite the 'marine' portion. Instead it is from the Latin and means 'nostril lid' and refers to the waxy base of the bill or cere which skuas (and some other birds, such as raptors and parrots) have. Random fact of the day!

The flock of whoopers is definitely building...

And that is a very late reed warbler!

Some great sightings on the Thursday, with both Lapland and snow buntings. Plus this really rather fancy stoat.

I will save up some photos for next time!

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I hope you all have a great week, take care, have fun, and I will catch you next time.